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About the Conference

The International Conference on Generative AI and its Applications (ICGAIA) is a prestigious event that brings together researchers, practitioners, and experts from academia, industry, and government organizations to discuss the latest advancements, trends, and challenges in the field of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and its various applications.
ICGAIA serves as a platform for presenting cutting-edge research papers, sharing insights, exchanging ideas, and fostering collaborations among professionals working in areas such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and more.
The conference typically features keynote speeches by prominent researchers, panel discussions, workshops, and poster sessions, providing attendees with opportunities to learn about the latest developments in generative AI techniques, algorithms, and applications across diverse domains.
ICGAIA provides a valuable forum for researchers and practitioners to explore the potential of generative AI technologies, address key research questions, and identify opportunities for further advancements and applications in various industries and domains.

About Zep Analytics:

Zep Analytics is an AI driven EdTech Company focussed in providing quality Education in the form of pre-recorded & online boot camps on the latest technologies such as Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Data Analytics, and many more. Apart from that, we also have many unique features on the platform such as a reward point system where can provide incentives to our users based on their activities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bridge the gap between career expectations and reality via innovative teaching approaches

About CRF

Core Research Foundation, an Indian company, has accredited Core Research Foundation (CRF) as a research platform. At CRF, our mission is to give eminent organizations, scholars, and researchers an exceptional platform. By offering conference and journal publication services, we hope to foster an atmosphere that promotes knowledge scalability and meet the needs of our affiliated members. The new research platform for academics, researchers, and scientists is called Core Research Foundation, or CRF. With the aid of various academic activities, CRF establishes links and collaborates with international research houses and institutions to supply knowledge scalability and research improvements.

Session and Tracks

  • Generative Models and Architectures
    • Advanced Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
    • Autoregressive Models
    • Flow-based Models
    • Self-Attention Mechanisms in Generative Models
    • Image Synthesis and Editing
    • Text Generation and Natural Language Processing
    • Music Composition and Audio Synthesis
    • Video Generation and Manipulation
    • 3D Object Generation and Reconstruction
  • Generative AI for Creative Industries
    • Art and Design
    • Music and Entertainment
    • Fashion and Visual Arts
    • Literature and Storytelling
  • Generative Models for Data Augmentation and Synthesis
    • Synthetic Data Generation
    • Data Augmentation Techniques
    • Domain Adaptation using Generative Models
  • Human-AI Collaboration and Interactive Systems
    • Co-creative Interfaces
    • Human-in-the-Loop Generative Systems
    • Explainability and Interpretability in Generative ModelsDomain Adaptation using Generative Models
    • Simulation and Synthetic Environments
    • Robot Motion Planning and Control
    • Generative Models for Robot Perception and Understanding
  • Ethical and Societal Implications of Generative AI
    • Bias and Fairness in Generative Models
    • Privacy and Security Concerns
    • Misuse and Manipulation of Generative AI
    • Regulation and Policy Challenges
  • Evaluation and Benchmarking of Generative Models
    • Metrics for Evaluating Generative Models
    • Benchmark Datasets and Challenges
    • Reproducibility and Generalization in Generative AI Research
    • Medical Image Synthesis and Analysis
    • Drug Discovery and Molecular Design
    • Healthcare Data Generation and Augmentation
  • Industry Applications and Case Studies
    • Advertising and Marketing
    • Gaming and Virtual Reality
    • Financial Forecasting and Risk Analysis
    • Manufacturing and Industrial Design
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Great Speakers

In the symphony of communication, a great speaker is the conductor, harmonizing words to resonate with the hearts and minds of their audience


Speakers in diverse research fields are knowledge architects, shaping compelling narratives that transcend disciplines and invite audiences into the immersive landscape of discovery.


In the dance of ideas, networking at conferences becomes the rhythm, connecting minds and fostering collaborations that amplify the symphony of shared knowledge.


Conference gala dinners are not just celebrations; they're the lively intersections where professionals unwind, forge connections, and cultivate camaraderie beyond the confines of seminars and lectures.

New People

In conferences, each face is a potential connection, turning strangers into collaborators and transforming shared spaces into networking opportunities.